This Old Shanty is a bonus mission in the first level of The Simpsons: Hit & Run, which the player has the option of skipping. The reward for completing this mission is Cletus's Pickup Truck.

Whilst the player is able to skip this mission if they want, they can't get 100% complete on the level progress screen without it as the user needs to complete all bonus missions and obtain all vehicles (this is the only way to get Cletus's Pickup Truck) to achieve 100%.

The mission Edit

Talk to Cletus who is standing by his house which is just before the camper-van site in the poor area (just after the Golden bridge). Near Gil, the man who will sell you vehicles. But don't let the time run out or it will be too late.

What to do:

  1. Talk To Cletus
  2. Collect His Cardboard Tubes
  3. Collect His Harvest
  4. Return and talk to Cletus

Music Edit

The Simpsons Hit amp Run Soundtrack - S-M-R-T


Homer: Hey, I know you! You're in my dumb guys' support group! Mind if I borrow your truck for a while?

Cletus: No can do, Mr. Fancy Blue Pants. I be gotten to do my daily chores, or else Brandine's ain't making rat pie tonight.

Homer: Right, I'll help you with your hillbilly chores.

Cletus: You help me bring out this season's harvest and I'll be taking you anywheres you be needing to go.

Homer: Woohoo!

Cletus: First thoughs, I want you to go to the gas station and get someone of those cardyboard tubes, you know them? I'll be building me some indoor plumbing, when you finished with that knock down all those tomacco plants so young-uns can clean 'em up for market, heh.

(Homer completes all of Cletus' errands and talks to him as he goes into his debt)

Cletus: OK, city boy, I'll help you. You just yell in to those magic talk boxes and I'll come on running. Ah, dem things is crazy.

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