There's Something About Monty is the fourth mission of Level 7. In this mission, Homer must locate a source of nuclear waste to save Springfield. This is the hardest mission in respect to maneuvering on foot.


Homer finds himself in desperate need of nuclear waste, but without a clue of where to look. Lisa suggests talking to Mr. Burns, who has poisoned the water supply of Springfield for years to come. Homer drives to the power plant, but not before the alien probe tries to intercept him. He escapes, and arrives at the power plant to begin his climb up the destroyed power plant. The player must climb all the way to the top before the mission is completed.


Two different songs play in this mission. The first song features a distorted guitar riff, solos throughout the song, and a grandfather clock, paying homage to the AC/DC song "Hells Bells". The song is shared with Milking the Pigs and the Level 6 wager race.

The Simpsons Hit and Run Soundtrack - Milking the Pigs

After Homer arrives at the power plant, an upbeat track begins playing. This same track plays during the credits.

The Simpsons Hit and Run Soundtrack - There's Something About Monty


  • Originally, when the player has to climb the wreckage to Mr. Burns' Office, there would've been a timer set to 1:30 that results the player to get to Mr. Burns' Office in a short amount of time, but the timer was cut in the final game possibly due to that it is quite hard to climb up the wreckage all the way to the office and the player could easily make a mistake which results them in having to start the mission again from the start, due to this, the track land_of_choc_end_neg goes unused.
The Simpsons Hit and Run Soundtrack - There's Something About Monty


Homer Simpson: I need to find some nuclear waste, and fast!

Lisa Simpson: Why don't you ask Mr. Burns. His buried nuclear waste has poisoned Springfield for years to come.

Homer Simpson: Good ol' Mr. Burns. He'll save us! Thank goodness for nuclear waste.

(Homer drives to the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant, but encounters the alien probe at the Kwik-E-Mart intersection and he must lose it)

Homer Simpson: Uh oh. It's that black car again. Ooh, it has the speed of a sub-boss combined with the tenacity of a level boss.

(Homer successfully loses the alien probe and arrives at the power plant, climbs up the wreckage until he reaches Mr. Burns' office)

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