The Old Pirate and the Sea is a mission in The Simpsons: Hit & Run and is the seventh & final mission on Level 3, where the player has to destroy a black sedan and rescue Bart. Completing this mission unlocks Level 4.

Tasks Edit

To start of the mission speak to the sea captain. Then you need to get in your car and destroy the Black Limo (The driver of the limo was Eddie). Once you've done that return back to "Captain McAllister's Chum 'n' Stuff" and talk to the Sea Captain. He will tell you that he seen Bart on the big ship. After that you will need to get back in your car and drive to the top of the Ship. When you finally get up, Bart should be there, waiting for you. Talk to him to end Level 3.

Tips Edit

  • Make sure to use a strong car when destroying the Limo.


The song used in the mission is shared with Office Spaced, Flaming Tires and the Level 7 wager race.

The Simpsons Hit and Run Soundtrack - Office Spaced


Captain McCallister: Arr, thanks for delivering me catch of the day. Now, I can tell ye, I saw yer brother.

Lisa: Really?! That's great.

Captain McCallister: Aye, he was in a long, black limo and... ahoy, there she drove!

(Lisa destroys the black limousine without Bart inside it and goes back to McCallister)

Lisa: Oh god, I destroyed the limo, and killed Bart!

Captain McCallister: (laughs) no murder ye be, he wasn't in the limo. He got out, and he boarded that ship.

Lisa: Can you take me there?

Captain McCallister: N'arr, I hate the sea.

(Lisa goes aboard the C-Spanker and finally finds Bart)

Lisa: Bart, I found you!

Bart: (instinct dialect) Cola... (indistinct dialect) Sedans... (indistinct dialect) Cola... (indistinct dialect) Sedans... (indistinct dialect) What? (indstinct dialect)

Lisa: Bart, Bart, snap out of it! Oh, I've gotta wake him up. Bart, how old are you?

Bart: (more indistinct dialect)

Lisa: What's your favorite catch phrase?!

Bart: Kiss my grits! (more indistinct dialect)

Lisa: It's no use, his brain is even more broken than usual. All I could do is take you home...and get you a diaper.

Trivia Edit

  • If you decide to attack Bart, he will still talk properly via his preset dialogue for whenever he gets hit.

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