The Cola Wars is the name of the sixth mission from Simpsons Hit and Run's fourth level where the player plays as Marge.


Marge asks Bart if he recognizes the planet with an antenna design, Bart finally snaps and tells his mom that's the logo of the alien mind control cola, which they gave tons to Bart when he was abducted. Marge is pleased to hear her son speak coherently and plans to get rid of the cola by dressing up as a cop.


This song is shared with Monkey See Monkey D'oh.

The Simpsons Hit and Run Soundtrack - Monkey See Monkey D'oh


Marge: Bart, do you recognize this design?

Bart: (Some indistinct dialect) That's the alien mind control cola, they gave us tons of that up in the alien spaceship. They're using it to make the town go crazy.

Marge: Oh, thank God, you've snapped out of your trance, I was so worried.

Bart: Later, I'm going to the arcade.

Marge: This conspiracy goes all the way to the top. I'm gonna need a little extra fire power, as Officer Marge!

(Marge collects all the coke cans and goes to the Kwik-E-Mart)

Marge: I bet Apu knows who is selling the cola.


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