S-M-R-T is the first mission the player completes in the first level of the game. This mission is a driving type mission where the player races another NPC to a location. This is also the first mission of the game overall.

Plot Edit

Marge is in the front lawn by the Simpson house waiting for Homer. Lisa has left for school but has forgotten her science project and Marge wants Homer to drive to the school and give it to her.

Homer must get into the family car and race Principal Skinner to the school, beating him to give Lisa her Science project on time.

Objectives Edit

  1. Collect Lisa's Science Project
  2. Drive to the school
  3. Race Principal Skinner to the school
  4. Enter the school
  5. Talk to Lisa


The Simpsons Hit amp Run Soundtrack - S-M-R-T


Marge: Homie, Lisa left for school without her science project. Can you get it to her?

Homer: Oh, do I have to?

Marge: You can drop it off on the way to work.

Homer: And I have to go to work?!

(Homer finally gives the science project to Lisa before class)

Lisa: Thanks for bringing me my model of the digestive system... hey, where's the gall bladder?

Homer: I got hungry, was a fig.

Lisa: It was modelling clay!

Homer: Ooooh...

Lisa: By the way, Dad, Mom called, she says she needs to talk to you at home before you go to work.

Homer: D'oh!

Tips Edit

Blue house shortcut

The Blue House Shortcut

  • To beat Skinner to the school the player should make use of the short cuts through out the level, such as driving through the Blue House at the top of Evergreen Terrace.
  • If the player uses the one hit wreck cheat and bumps into Skinner, his car will be destroyed but the player can continue the race.


  • The extremely rare Simpsons Hit & Run demo on the PS2 ends after this mission is completed.

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