A Phone Booth, the main option players use to access vehicles.

"Ugh, finally! Sheesh, I thought you were never gonna figure it out! Now I can explain what these phone booths are all about. Whenever you wanna change cars, call someone to use their car, go to a phone booth and call them up. You can also change your clothing, don't ask me why."
Bart Simpson

Phone Booths are blue public telephone boxes that are spread out around the map of each level of The Simpsons: Hit & Run. The player is able to use them by approaching one and pressing the action button.

In-game, phone booths are used as a recall system which allow the player to "phone" for help, summoning any of the unlocked vehicles that they have acquired up to that point. Any unlockable vehicle can be accessed from the phone booth as long as they have unlocked it; locked vehicles are still shown (up to the farthest level the player has reached), but their images are darker and with a lock overlaid on it.

Any damage that the player has inflicted on a vehicle will carry over to its next usage. If one of the owned vehicles is completely destroyed and the player can not obtain a wrench, then the player will have to pay a fee of 10 coins to repair the vehicle.


The music track that plays when accessing the Phone Booths is called "Simpsons Hotline"

The Simpsons Hit and Run Soundtrack - Phone Booth & Character Costumes

Trivia Edit

  • Bart mentions in the tutorial, that the player can change their clothes in the booths. However, this is absent in the game, as the player can only change their vehicle, and the audio never plays anywhere in the game, since it's from a beta version.

Bugs Edit

  • If the player can damage the vehicle so that the engine emits the darkest smoke possible, the player can access the phone booth to see that the vehicle is damaged at 100%. This however isn't true, as the car is still as usable as before, without being a charred chassis that a car usually deteriorates to after being destroyed. When the player summons the vehicle, the engine will be on fire, just like how the engine ignites seconds before the vehicle would normally explode. One small hit will be enough to destroy the vehicle, much like taking a small hit with a car with the engine emitting the darkest smoke possible.