Mods (short for modifications) are "edits" that can be applied to a video game by the user in order to enhance, change certain features, or in some cases add new content that isn't present in the original game.

Until recently (2013), modding in the The Simpsons: Hit & Run wasn't popular in the sense that there wasn't a lot of content availiable that modified how the game behaved. The most popular edits of the game before 2013 being simple texture hacks created with Lucas' P3D Editor.  However, with the start of Project Donut, the first major pubilically released hack of Hit and Run, more documentation of how the game behaves has surfaced. Alongside this, Lucas Caradellini, the man responsible for creating the P3D Editor, has now returned to the modding scene and has created his very own launcher, which now allows players to play mods without overwriting any of the games files.

Origin Edit

Back In June 2007, a Man Called Lucas Cardellini released a video on youtube entitled "Main Textures Disabled in The Simpsons Hit & Run ". This marked the beginning of Lucas entering the Hit and Run modding scene, which marked the beginning of Lucas publically releasing his tools, starting with Lucas Tweak (A now outdated program that is no longer recommended) and Lucas P3D Editor. These tools were specifically designed to edit Hit and Run and since then,have been used to create many mods for The Simpsons Hit & Run.

Installing Mods Edit

To Install Mods, you need to download Lucas' Mod Launcher here Place it anywhere, then go into the folder and you will see a folder called "Mods", put any .lmlm file you have downloaded in there, then open the launcher. Choose your game path, then select the mods you want, then launch the game. Success! You have installed a mod for The Simpsons: Hit & Run.

Popular Mods Edit

  • Yellow Shift
  • Donut Mod
  • Road Rage Returns
  • Housewife Duties
  • Comic Life