Milking the Pigs is the bonus mission for Level 6. In it, Bart helps Snake clear up some "loose ends", along with making him some extra money. Completing this mission unlocks the Bandit.


Bart asks Snake, who just walked out of prison, if he wants to be Bart's wheelman. He agrees, on the condition that Bart destroys Wiggum's car, along with a gun that could implicate Snake in the process. After Bart does so, Snake informs him that Fat Tony is paying money to anyone who destroys a Milk Truck, and sends Bart to destroy one for him. When Bart comes back to Snake, he agrees to help Bart anytime necessary.


The song features a distorted guitar riff, solos throughout the song, and a grandfather clock, paying homage to the AC/DC song "Hells Bells". The song is shared with the first part of There's Something About Monty and the Level 6 wager race.

The Simpsons Hit and Run Soundtrack - Milking the Pigs


Bart Simpson: Hey, Snake.

Snake Jailbird: Hey, kid dude, what's up?

Bart Simpson: I'm looking for a wheelman

Snake Jailbird: Tempting. Tell you what dude. I just walked out of Springfield prison but, if you clear up a few loose ends for me, I will help you.

Bart Simpson: Cool, a chance to use my petty theft training.

Snake Jailbird: Groovy. First up, Wiggum is keeping the evidence from my trial in his car. Snatch it and they've got nothing on me, ha ha.

(Bart destroys Chief Wiggum's car and goes back to Snake)

Bart Simpson: OK, that's one smacked up pork-bag.

Snake Jailbird: Ho yes! I am a free man again! Now, let's get a little "venture-capital" shall we? I hear Fat Tony is totally paying big bucks for every milk truck that gets smashed up. Word knows why, but he's the kingpin apparently.

(Bart destroys the milk truck and then returns to Snake)

Snake Jailbird: OK, dude, here's the deal: you need me, you just call my service and I will be there. Later, dude!


  • In the game files, there is an unused "goto" objective which reveals that the player would have to drive to the Krusty Burger before Chief Wiggum appears, but for some unknown reason, it was removed.
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