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For general information on cards, see Collector Cards.

Collector cards are cards that can be found in each level of The Simpsons: Hit & Run. Each level contains seven cards, and each card references an episode of The Simpsons. This is a list of collector cards in Level 5.

Apu's T-Shirt[]

Apu's T-Shirt.jpg

  • Description: Newly vegetarian Lisa gets a laugh when Apu shows her a t-shirt with the words, "Don't have a cow, man" on it.
  • Episode: Lisa the Vegetarian
  • Location: A beam located near the massive building under construction by the town square.

Pin Pals Shirt[]

Pin Pals Shirt.jpg

  • Description: The shirt worn by Homer's bowling team: Homer, Moe, Apu, and, unfortunately, Mr Burns.
  • Episode: Team Homer
  • Location: The Legitimate Businessman's Social Club.

Prop 24 Sign[]

Prop 24 Sign.jpg

  • Description: Protest sign wielded by an ignorant mob member protesting illegal immigrants, including Apu.
  • Episode: Much Apu About Nothing
  • Location: On the roof of Moe's Tavern.

Baby Feeder[]

Baby Feeder.jpg

  • Description: Apu is reduced to lying on the floor like a farm animal to feed his eight children.
  • Episode: Eight Misbehavin'
  • Location: On the train under the water tower in the train yard.

Ganesh Costume[]

Ganesh Costume.jpg

  • Description: Worn by Homer in a vain, last minute attempt to halt the arranged marriage ceremony of Apu and Manjula.
  • Episode: The Two Mrs. Nahasapeemapetilons
  • Location: Unfinished road of Matlock Expressway.

Chutney Squishee[]

Chutney Squishee.jpg

  • Description: Apu invents a new type of Squishee which is tasted once, and only once, by Bart and then thrown in a dumpster.
  • Episode: The Otto Show
  • Location: On the roof of the building adjacent of the fire truck.

Hot Dog[]

Hot Dog.jpg

  • Description: The filth encrusted hot dog that got Apu briefly fired from the Kwik-E-Mart.
  • Episode: Homer and Apu
  • Location: On the second floor of the Monorail station, next to the actual Monorail train.