Level 5 is the fifth level in The Simpsons: Hit & Run. It takes place on October 29, with the player taking on the role of Apu as the level's protagonist.

Level 5 modifies the map from Level 2, but focuses more on pinpointing the source of Buzz Cola, the soft drink that made Bart go crazy, than the map itself.


In the previous level, Marge demands to know where Buzz Cola is being produced, as it scrambled Bart's brain completely. Apu can't come up with an answer, causing Marge to destroy several Cola Trucks in a fit of rage. Level 5 picks up after this episode, as Apu tries to find the source of the mentally incapacitating drink. It is after he receives aid from a professional criminal when he discovers the actual origin of the cola production.


Level 5 is set in Downtown Springfield again and reuses the same map as Level 2, but with a few differences: Instead of taking place at day, the level appears to take place right before sunrise/at night/evening. Besides this, the billboards that can be seen all across town have all been replaced with either Buzz Cola advertisements or, strangely, ads for the Car Built For Homer. In Downtown, the popsicle stick skyscraper has been completely burned to the ground. In the east side, the torn down power line in the alley behind Moe's Tavern has been repaired. The statue in the corner of the Springfield Stadium has been removed and replaced with the Obliteratatron Big Wheel Truck. Finally, at the construction site, moving iron girders can be found near the Buzz Cola glass after the dirt ramp and the construction site truck (from level 2) which was a gag has now been removed. A collector card can be found at the farthest one.


  1. Incriminating Caffeine
  2. ...and Baby Makes 8
  3. Eight is Too Much
  4. This Little Piggy
  5. Never Trust a Snake
  6. Kwik Cash
  7. Curious Curator


Wasp CamerasEdit

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On the lawn outside the Springfield General Hospital.
Near the gazebo outside the Springfield County Court House.
On the steps at the rear of the Springfield Town Hall
On the steps of the Springfield Museum of Natural History.
On top of King Toot's Musical Store, next to Moe's.
On the rooftop of the Legitimate Businessman's Social Club.
Also on the rooftop of the Legitimate Businessman's Social Club.
In the train yards, left of the moving trolley by the stairs.
Up the stairs in the trainyard that are left of moving trolley.
Also up the stairs in the trainyard that are left of moving trolley.
Again up the stairs in the trainyard that are left of moving trolley.
On the steps of the Springfield Police Station.
On the street near the steps that leads to the damaged Monorail train.
On the monorail track, where the front carriage used to rest.
On top of the Springfield Central Monorail Station.
Also on top of the Springfield Central Monorail Station.
Under the Sit 'n' Rotate Room.
Also under the Sit 'n' Rotate Room.
Rooftop of the bank, opposite the fire engine ladder ramp.
On the ledge by the fountain outside the Springfield Stadium.


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  1. Pickled egg jar in Moe's Tavern.
  2. Slot machine in Moe's Tavern.
  3. Love Tester in Moe's Tavern.
  4. Light up drinks in Moe's Tavern.
  5. Taking a photograph of Hans Moleman at the DMV.
  6. Dumpster behind Krusty Burger (near the police station).


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  • This is the only level of the game where the main protagonist is not a member of the Simpsons family.
  • This is the only level where Dr. Hibbert and Louie have story roles.
  • This is the level that features the least amount of characters in it (with a total of eight story characters, eighteen if counting Professor Frink and background characters).
    • This level also contains the least amount of gags in the game, with there only being six.