Kinky Frinky is the bonus mission of Level 5. This mission unlocks the Hover Car when completed.


Apu meets Frink outside the Java Server. Frink is worried that his newest invention, the Hover Car is going haywire. He tells Apu to disable (destroy) it.


The player has to destroy the Hover car in around three minutes. Once the car is destroyed, go back and talk to Frink for the reward.


The Simpsons Hit and Run Soundtrack - Eight is too Much


  • The Hover Car is fast, but is easily identifiable. It is also weak, so pushing it into walls will damage it.


  • Originally, the player would have to drive to the Sit-N-Rotate to find Frink's Hovercar, but in the final game, the player would have to destroy the Hovercar just as the mission starts. Since this is commented out and thus never used, the player never has to visit the Sit-N-Rotate for a mission, which renders the HUD Icon for it unused. However, you can delete the slashes that comment out the strings and re-enable the objective. Re-enabling it causes the unused HUD icon to appear, as well as the unused stage message (DRIVE TO THE SIT 'N' ROTATE). Once you get there though, the Hover Car spawns back at the park since there was no location set for it at the SNR.


Professor Frink: 'Scuse me, nice Mr. Shopkeeper person. Have you seen a hovering death machine?

Apu: No, nothing specifically of the hovering kind, no.

Professor Frink: Oh! ....this was to be my greatest invention since the Sideburns-In-A-Can, they make you handsome and lovely...

Apu: What are you talking about?

Professor Frink: I call it the Hover Car TM, so don't try to steal the name, it's TM'd. I installed the onboard computer and it came alive and attacked my person. For the love of all that's glitin, you got to help me here!

Apu: OK, what on earth can I do?

Professor Frink: Knock the fletchingety thing off the road before the authorities come and take me away again, imprisoned in kind to some pencil-necked geeks like myself, they-they stomp and they kick.

(Apu disables the Hover Car and goes back to Frink)

Professor Frink: Great work, my Hindu friend.

Apu: (scoofs), do not patronize my faith, OK?

Professor Frink: Sorry, terribly sorry. Oh look, if you need a ride, instant message my cortex, by which I mean: "call me". Mwa-ha-hai!

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