Ketchup Logic is a mission from the fourth level of The Simpsons: Hit & Run, where the player plays as Marge.


After driving around Springfield in the previous mission and stopping at the gas station near the Kwik-E-Mart, Cletus snaps out and recognizes Marge, and he'll tell her about the crop circles as long as Marge helps him collect the harvest, and Marge changes clothes in order not to get her dress dirty.


  • In the mission, the player would have to collect 18 ketchup packets, but in the level's m3i file in the game files, there is an unused 19th ketchup packet. Re-enabling it causes the game to crash, though, because there is no location set for this unused ketchup packet.


Marge: You've got to help me. I have to find out what happened to my baby boy.

Cletus: Oh, I'm sorry, I thought you was a city slicker, but I ain't telling you nothing, unless you help us with the harvest.

Marge: Harvest? If I'm gonna be doing yard work, I better change or my next "mission" will be to get mud stains out of green rayon.

(Marge changes into her Inmate costume, then meets back with Cletus to prepare for the harvest)

Cletus will spout dialogue when collecting the packets in this order:

  • We need them ketchup packets people done thrown out, to feed on during the long winter. Help me fetch em.
  • Hey I know another in the dumpster's 'round here somewhar's. I can feel it in mah stank bone.

(Marge and Cletus collect all the ketchup that was needed for the winter and go back to the petrol station)

Cletus: Now 'bout your query, my granpappy done seen one of dem corn drawings once but he's wth ala now. You might'n should ask some other folks 'bout it. Maybe try around the graveyard.

Marge: Thanks, Cletus!

Cletus: T'weren' nothing.

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