From Outer Space is the name of the final mission from Simpsons Hit and Run's fourth level where the player plays as Marge. Completing this mission unlocks Level 5.


Marge asks Apu if he's aware where the Buzz Cola is coming from. Apu himself doesn't know, but he'll try to get to the bottom of this. Marge then settles to destroy every Cola Truck she can find.


Marge: Apu, I think you should be aware that you're selling a tainted cola. Where is this stuff coming from?

Apu: Oh, there is little here not tainted in some way. Even the astrology scrolls give poor advice. But, I will get to the bottom of this.

Marge: Well, it made Bart go crazy, and if I find the distributor I'm gonna give them a piece of my mind!

Apu: Careful, Mrs. Simpson! This cola makes people do irrational things without guilt. It is as though they have bottled the effects of a raging frat kegger.

Marge: That's it, I'm going after it, and any other evil cola trucks I find!

(Marge destroys the first evil cola truck)

Marge: I'll get you, you evil cola bottlers and distributors!

(Marge destroys the second evil cola truck)

Marge: Eat Canyonero!

(Marge destroys the last evil cola truck, then tries to heads back home, but it turns out that Chief Wiggum wants his cola back and he tries to stop her, but Marge loses him)

Marge: Well that score's settled, now to go home to my family.

Chief Wiggum: You took my precious cola, Marge! It is the only thing that gives me the courage to take off my shirt in the station locker room, (exasperated sound) you're going down!

Trivia Edit

  • When the player destroys the last truck, for some reason, the truck will not disappear. Instead, it will be shown heavily damaged with flames coming out of it.
    • Also, the music will change when the player are required to destroy said truck.

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