Flaming Tires is the bonus mission for Level 7. In it, Homer must help Smithers gather Mr. Burns' items. Completing this mission unlocks Mr. Burns' Limo.


Homer finds Mr. Smithers outside the Kwik-E-Mart. Homer pleads for his help, but Smithers doesn't comply, citing Burns' demand for the delivery of his personal items, while Smithers himself has a brunch date. Homer decides to help out Smithers and collect various items including a vinyl record, sock garters, and tooth powder.


The song used in the mission is shared with Office Spaced, The Old Pirate and the Sea and the Level 7 wager race.

The Simpsons Hit and Run Soundtrack - Office Spaced


Homer Simpson: Mr. Smithers, can you help me out? There's some scary, weird, godless, fascinating stuff going on!

Waylon Smithers: Not now, Simpson! Mr. Burns wants me to run some errands, but I have a brunch date, you know how it is.

Homer Simpson: Whatever, just give me the mission.

(Homer collects Mr. Burns' sock garters and returns to Mr. Smithers)

Homer Simpson: Here you go, Mr. Smithers!

Waylon Smithers: Oh, thank God! The socks have been pulling around his ankles for days and it is his favorite brand, Alan Quartermane's keep-em-ups!

Homer Simpson: Hmm...what next?

(Homer collects Doc Wunderstein's Tooth Powder and returns to Mr. Smithers)

Homer Simpson: Doc Wunderstein's Tooth Powder.

Waylon Smithers: Thanks, Simpson! Mr. Burns doesn't have teeth anymore, but it makes him feels young when I rub it on his gums. Things we do for love.

Homer Simpson: Uh huh, gross... What next?

(Homer collects the "Yes, We Have No Bananas" record and heads back to Mr. Smithers)

Homer Simpson: What does he need this for?

Waylon Smithers: Uhh, Mr. Burns, likes to bo-do-de-oh-cercize [sic] every morning, it keeps his muscles from falling off the bone.

Homer Simpson: (awkwardly laughs) Great. Gotta go!

Trivia Edit

  • Unlike other bonus missions, Smithers never directly offers his help to Homer in exchange his assistance. In fact, Homer ditches Smithers before Smithers ever had an opportunity to offer his services. Despite this, Homer can still access Mr. Burns' Limo even though he never was granted permission to use it.
  • In early copies of the PlayStation 2 and GameCube editions, this mission is replayable due to what appears to be an oversight, while the red exclamation mark will not appear above Smithers' head, the blue shadow that appears under a character's feet indicating a mission will. Strangely, this will cause two Smithers to appear if the player drives to the location using Mr. Burns' Limo. This bug was later fixed.
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