The Family Sedan is an unlockable vehicle in The Simpsons: Hit & Run. Like all other player owned cars, this vehicle may be accessed via Phone booths at any time, on any level. It is the very first car available in the game.


The Family Sedan (referred to as the Pink Sedan in the TV series) is the default vehicle of Level 1. It is one of two automobiles owned by the Simpsons Family and is driven almost exclusively by Homer Simpson, who occupies the driver's seat in Levels 3 and 4. It resembles a 1986 Plymouth Junkerolla.


The Family Sedan has decent handling for a starter vehicle, though its low speed and acceleration make it an unwise choice for races or any missions with restrictive time limits, significantly hampering its usefulness in later levels of the game. While the vehicle's average toughness allows it to handle some damage, it isn't recommended for use in vehicle destruction missions.


  • The Stats information for the car leads up to 9/20.
  • When the trunk's lid is damaged and open, several cans of beer can be seen inside.
  • Oddly, unlike the version in the series, the Family Sedan appears as a convertible in the game.


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