Duff for Me, Duff for You is the fourth mission of Level 6. In this mission, Bart discovers just how close Kang and Kodos' mission is to being fully executed.


Bart enters the observatory and informs Professor Frink about the alien plot. Frink actually believes Bart, as he had intercepted a transmission from the aliens describing their plan to hide laser guns inside the brewery's Duff Trucks. Bart drives to the brewery, barely catching a truck in the process. He smashes into the truck, knocking out six crates filled with laser guns and destroying them in the process. After that, he drives back to the brewery to find a laser gun he can use as proof to Krusty.


The track that plays during this mission features a prominent xylophone line and brass section. The track is also shared with The Fat and the Furious, Return of the Nearly-Dead, ...and Baby Makes 8, and Alien "Auto"topsy Part III.


Bart Simpson: Professor Frink, you've gotta help me! No one believes my story. It's just like "The Boy Who Cried Wolf", except, instead of a wolf, it's an alien conspiracy!

Professor Frink: Aliens? That would explain the strange transmissions from my Plutonium CB radio. I must've intercepted an alien message. It says they're hiding the lasers in the Duff trucks. Glahiven-Livey, the plot is convoluted now.

Bart Simpson: Relax, nerdlinger, I'll knock the lasers out of the trucks so I can show them to Krusty.

(Bart heads over to the Duff Brewery and stops the Duff Truck by destroying 6 boxes of laser guns, then heads back to the brewery blimp and collects a laser gun to use as proof)

Bart Simpson: If I show this laser gun to Krusty, he'll have to believe me! I can't believe I have a working laser gun and I'm using it for good. (scoffs) I am such a sell-out.


  • As revealed in many of the game's prerelease articles, the mission was to be much different at first, these changes including:
    • Bart would have had to change into his Bartman costume before starting the mission.
    • Bart would've avoided Chase Sedans while heading for the Duff Brewery.
  • The Duff Truck in this mission has far better stats than a regular one, especially handling and speed.
  • The title of the mission is derived from the song featured in the episode "Selma's Choice".
    • One of Lisa's quotes, "I am the lizard queen!", is also derived from this episode.

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