Dial B for Blood is a bonus mission from the second level of the game. The player races around the city retrieving Grandpa's blood. This mission is a driving game where you have a certain time to get between locations.

Plot Edit

The player has to collect several blood for Grampa as he gave his to Jasper. The first one is at the Plasma Center near the starting point. The next is in Moe's possession at his Tavern, the last is at the Krusty Burger near the construction site. Go back to Grampa for your reward.


  1. Collect the blood at the Plasma Center (Time limit)
  2. Drive to Moe's (Time limit)
  3. Talk to Moe and collect the blood.
  4. Drive to the Krusty Burger by the construction site (Time limit)
  5. Talk to the Squeaky Voiced Teen and collect the blood.
  6. Return to Grampa (Time limit)
  7. Talk to Grampa.

Music Edit

The Simpsons Hit amp Run Soundtrack - S-M-R-T


Bart: I need your car from the war.

Abe (Grampa): The war?! What, is the Kaiser at it again? I'll teach him, he stole my best girl and my best box of saltwater taffy.

Bart: Grampa, you're not making any sense.

Abe: I'm tired because I let Jasper borrow my blood, I didn't think I need it. Oh.

(Bart collects blood from the Plasma Center and goes to Moe's Tavern)

Bart: Finding blood is easy - I'd make a great vampire... I hope this is enough.

(Bart enters the tavern and talks to Moe)

Bart: Moe, do you have any human blood?

Moe: Nah, what about goat blood?

Bart: Sure, why not.

(Bart collects the bag of blood from Moe and then heads to Krusty Burger near the Construction Site)

Bart: I'll meet a hard man next time.

(Bart speaks to the Squeaky-Voiced Teen)

Bart: Do you have any blood?

Squeaky-Voiced Teen: Would you like fries with that?

(Bart goes back to where Abraham is and gives the blood back to him)

Abe: Nice and warm, just how I like it.

Bart: Is that enough? I need another car.

Abe: Take it! Oh, I'm going to pour this on my flapjacks.



  • The level is a timed race between locations, and just like other missions of this type you can cheat if you are unable to get between locations faster enough. The timer only starts when you get into the car so walking instead of driving doesn't use any time up. Simply get to a car when you get to the location.
  • Like all bonus missions that were intended to be part of the storyline, this mission was also intended to be part of the storyline, where Bart would've collected hemorrhoid cream instead of blood to work the Truckasaurus.
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