Detention Deficit Disorder is the first mission of Level 2 in The Simpsons: Hit & Run. It's the 8th mission overall.

Plot Edit

Bart meets up with Milhouse in the local park. Milhouse tells him to avoid Skinner, who is giving expulsion to anyone who misses school. Bart then goes off to get a copy of Bonestorm II.

Bart gets to the Try-'N'-Save, but Jimbo had stolen the last copy and then tells Bart a lady destroyed the other copies. Bart then tries to find other methods to getting the game.


The player must drive to the Try-'n'-Save. On the way, Skinner will try to get Bart and the player will have to outrun Skinner. Outrun Skinner by driving as fast as possible and letting your meter run out. After Skinner is outrunned, the player must now drive to the Try-'N'-Save.


  • There is a quick way to finish this mission; Jump on top of a AI-controlled car headed for the upwards section of town. Once it is far away from the mission trigger, get in the car and drive to the Try-N-Save as the player does not need to worry about Skinner.


Bart: I gotta get the new Bonestorm or I'll be as uncool as Milhouse.

Milhouse: I'm standing right here, Bart.

Bart: Hey, that's great!

Milhouse: You better get out of here, Bart, Principal Skinner is looking for everyone who skipped school today. And when you're caught, it's expulsion, Bart, expulsion!

(Bart gets into his vehicle and heads for the Try-N-Save, however Seymour Skinner is in pursuit against him)

Seymour Skinner: I'll get you Bart, just like I got Charlie in 'Nam.

Bart: 'Fraid not.

Seymour Skinner: 'Fraid so.

Bart Simpson: 'Fraid not!

Seymour Skinner: 'Fraid SO! Oh, damn your lightning fast wit!

(Bart finally loses Skinner)

Bart: Smell ya later, stinkigator!

(Bart heads to Try N' Save, where he finds Jimbo near the store)

Jimbo: Too late, losers, I got the last game! Four finger discount! (laughs) Some crazy lady destroyed all the rest.

Bart: When will they learn? Video games don't kill people, they just kill their minds!


  • If the player goes to the Krusty Burger where Milhouse is just before starting this mission, he will be there as well as in the park, making two Milhouses.
  • This mission's title is a play on "Attention Deficit Disorder", which is a neurological disorder that kids with no ability to focus in school and complete their schoolwork have.
  • 'Nam could be a reference to Vietnam, where Skinner fought once in the Vietnam War.

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