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"There are some collector cards hidden all over Springfield, find the other ones and sweep reward as yours for the taking. If you want to take a closer look at the card, you can see them in the pause menu. And don't get your stinky fingers on them, fatty!"
Bart Simpson

Collector Cards are collectible items which appear in each level of The Simpsons: Hit & Run. Seven cards are located in each level and each card makes reference to an episode from The Simpsons. Upon collecting a card, a tune will play, depending on the character.

The player needs to collect all seven collectible cards in order to complete a level entirely. The player must also find every collectible card in the well to beat the game entirely as well.

Though it is unknown why, wasp cameras will charge and fire their laser if a wrench or a collector card is picked up while on foot in reach of the wasp.


"The complete set! Oh! I think I just formatted my pants."
Comic Book Guy, upon the player returning with the 49 cards

After collecting all collector cards in a level, a race track based on that level is unlocked in the bonus game mode. After collecting all cards in every single level, the player can "trade" all 49 cards for Comic Book Guy's Itchy and Scratchy movie ticket in Level 3. After they trade, the player must talk to the Squeaky Voiced Teen at the Aztec Theater. There, the player can view the movie, and it is saved to the cutscenes in that specific save. Gaining the ticket is necessary for achieving 100% completion since it adds 1% in the Scrap Book's movies category, but watching it in the theatre isn't.

Articles on each level's cards[]


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