The Simpsons Hit And Run Wiki

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Cola Crates and Vending Machines are items that appear in various locations in each level. These are the player's primary source of coins aside from Wager Races, destroying wasp cameras or damaging objects.


Once the player Attacks and/or Breaks these items, they get rewarded with coins. Here are the values of said items:

  • Cola Crates - 30 coins
  • Vending Machines - 15 coins

If you get a full Hit & Run meter, you can get an extra coin with it. These crates and vending machines will not respawn when destroyed per save file. They also will fill the Hit & Run meter when damaged like any other objects prone to vandalization.

Tips and Tricks[]

In Level 5, the player must be careful when smashing Cola Crates. The first kick only causes one coin to come out instead of 10. It is recommended to use the double jump attack instead to fully smash the crate to make all 31 coins come out from it or use a car to destroy it, it is much better to get coins that way.

There is a trick where you can smash 2 crates at the same time. To do this, the crates have to be close to each other; it won't work if the crates are too far away. Simply use a double jump attack so the shockwave can destroy both crates at once.

There exists an exploit where one can essentially get unlimited coins. One first must hit the crate/vending machine once/twice, and either exit the game, or go to the "select mission" option, and selecting another mission. The amount of times the crate has been hit will reset, allowing the player to hit it again once or twice without breaking it. Repeat this many times, and the player's monetary units will build up very quickly. This is a popular tactic among speed runners to obtain a large sum of coins in the quickest time possible. Note that hitting it three times with a kick or jump kick, destroying it with a double jump attack, or running into it with a vehicle will destroy the crate/vending machine, which is not the desired outcome for this exploit.