"Oh, brain like shiny things."
Homer Simpson
"Yeah great, these shiny things are called "coins". Whenever you get enough of those, you can get a cool surprise."
Bart Simpson

The Coins are round, yellow coins with the Buzz Cola logo stamped upon them. These coins appear throughout The Simpsons: Hit & Run and are used by the player to purchase different items they need.

Getting CoinsEdit

At the start of a level, the coins are left scatted around for a player to collect. But they can also be obtained by smashing Cola Crates and Vending Machines and attacking items. Once cars blow up, you can lose coins. So be careful! You can also Attack and defeat Wasp Cameras, and gamble coins through Wager Races.

Purchases Edit

The following are items that the player can use coins to purchase:

Trivia Edit

  • The sound effect that plays when coins are collected was later used in the game also developed by Radical Entertainment called Crash of the Titans, along with its sequel Crash: Mind Over Mutant, when the player collects Mojo.