The Chase Sedan is an unlockable vehicle in The Simpsons: Hit & Run. Like all other player owned cars this vehicle may be accessed via phone booths at any time, on any level.


The Chase Sedan is a black sedan with an elongated front side. It is equipped with a flashing red light on the top and a siren instead of a horn, which makes the same sound as other police vehicles. The car bears a strong resemblance to the real life 1973 Ford LTD.

Despite being available for purchase in Level 6, it has one of the highest overall stat totals in the game, beating even some of the Level 7 vehicles in this regard. It is overall a very capable vehicle for racing, but its toughness is a notch below the other stats.

Roles & AppearancesEdit

Level 3Edit

  • Operation Hellfish - Lisa destroys three of these sedans when she finds out by her Grampa that Bart is being held captive inside, but to her surprise, he is not there.

Level 4Edit

  • Ketchup Logic - After the harvesting, Cletus and Marge head back to Cletus' house, but before that, they must avoid a Chase Sedan which tries to intercept them.
  • Wolves Stole My Pills - Grampa's medicine had been stolen by some school bullies. Marge finds Nelson in the school playground, but he tells her that they "traded it [medicine] to some dudes" in a Chase Sedan. This results in Marge having to follow a sedan and collect the medication it drops.

Level 6Edit


  • Originally in Level 6, the cops would have chased the player in Chase Sedans when they received a Hit & Run instead of in Police Cars. This can be seen in some early screenshots of the game.
  • Throughout the game before Level 7, the Chase Sedan is seen as a vehicle of mystery, driven by some unknown person or force constantly messing with Springfield. In the last mission of Level 6 it is revealed that the operators of the Chase Sedans have been aliens all along. However, in Level 7 an entirely new black sports car takes its place, and is used consistently as a probe for the aliens in said level.
  • The vehicle statistics add up to 16, making it the second best car in the game according to the game stats, only behind the Hearse.
  • The Chase Sedan was meant to appear more often in the game prior to its release. Two PR asset discs, found in 2016, also reveal that there were four other missions that the sedan was intended to make an appearance in, but got cut, these include:
    • Level 3's second mission "Clueless" as the player would have to avoid these sedans upon arriving at the Wall E. Weasels, the Planet Hype and the Springfield Sign.
    • Level 5's first mission "Incriminating Caffeine" as the player would have to avoid these sedans while chasing the Cola Truck.
    • Level 6's first and fourth missions "Going to the Lu'" and "Duff for Me, Duff for You" since the player was tasked to avoid these sedans while heading for the Krustylu Studios and Duff Brewery respectively.


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