Better Than Beef is the fifth mission of the second level of The Simpsons: Hit & Run where the player tasks are driving around, collecting and outrunning people.

Tasks Edit

Talk to Cletus who is by the Krusty Burger near The Construction Site who will lend Bart his satellite dish if Bart helps him collect his Flat meat (road kill) for him to sell.


  1. Collect All The Flat Meat
  2. Return to the Krusty Burger
  3. Get away from Apu
  4. Return to the Krusty Burger

Tips Edit

  • This mission involves driving against a clock so use short cuts on the map in order to be faster.


  • Bart calling Cletus "Mr. Slack-Jawed Yokel" is a reference to the Simpsons episode 22 Short Films About Springfield.
  • The mission has an E3 demo version found in the files of the game. It can be reactivated, and it has a few differences:
    • The chase with Apu does not change the song at all, and Apu's AI is set to the "easycop" difficulty, which is not used in the game at any time. Also, the player is given more time when collecting the flatmeat and would have to talk to Cletus before completing the mission, but in the final game, the conversation happens automatically.
  • In 2016, two prerelease asset discs were found which contained several information changed in the final game, dated around June to August 2003. The assets reveal that Bart needed a toilet plunger for the Truckasaurus instead of a satellite dish.
  • This mission seems to tie into the events of the later mission of the next level, Bonfire of the Manatees.


Bart: Hey there, Mr. Slack-Jawed Yokel!

Cletus: That'd be I.

Bart: Can I borrow your satellite dish?

Cletus: Sure, if you help me scoop up my flatmeat, sophisticated city youngster. Those darn revenuers don't like me selling roadkill.

(Bart and Cletus collect the flatmeat & arrive back to Krusty Burger but Apu chases them down as they tend to lose him)

Cletus: Now we gots to deliver the delicious goods to the fryer. I sure hope they like stink-dogs, 'cause I do!

Apu: Please stop what you are doing! No one can sell rotten meat in this town but me!

(Bart and Cletus lose Apu and got back to Krusty Burger)

Bart: Krusty Burgers are made out of roadkill? That explains the tire tracks...

Cletus: Take this satellite dish as a reward. She gets 14 channels including the outhouse channel, man I love watching that!

Bart: Thanks, inbred hillbilly.

Cletus: Twas nothin'.

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